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Hi Clarke, Ginny and Leo!

Paris, Arkansas

December 3, 2019

I am a very lucky person. I have three dogs in my life, and I don’t have to pay the vet bills for any of them. Ginny is my friends the Harris’ English Springer; Leo the Yellow Lab belongs to the Craigmile’s; and Clarke the Goldendoodle belongs to Courtney and Julie. Ginny loves her belly rubs, Leo gets nose rubs from me, and well, Clarke still wonders where the heck his salmon snack is when he comes to visit.

I have been blessed to know these dogs as well as Red, Ambear and Mo, goldens or part goldens that brought me a lot of joy.

Borrowing a line from Garrison Keillor, they are all well-above average. In fact, they are superior!

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