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September 1, 2020

Just checked out Pardon my French, but damn. Neary an article on anything COVID-related or the economy. Violence and voter fraud are the majority of the items. Oh, and a fight between two women in a jetway. With scary photos. If I had not followed the news recently, I would think that the country has gone to Hell. Oh. Right. That’s the point.

I hate the violence. Portland police apparently didn’t learn from Charlottesville and keep the two “sides” separated. I hate I have to give to Crowdsource to help folks rebuild their businesses - sure hope Bannon’s not involved. Those who are rioting need to be held accountable. Antifa, Proud Boys - to flip Trump’s saying, there are violent people on both sides. Again to use Trump’s words “get them out of here.”

But isn’t the issue we should be focused on why people are demonstrating and addressing that underlying condition?

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