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How Will You Measure Your Life?


June 12, 2022

I am sure I posted this video previously. I watched it again tonight and it is still very powerful to me. I fully embrace his observation that we can end up living lives that we did not intend to. He doesn’t use these words -/ my words are if you are not aware, you can end up living a life that is inconsistent with your values.

He’s not saying “don’t be ambitious.”. I think what he’s saying is that life is multidimensional and overweighting one dimension can throw the whole program off.

I wish I could always live by what he says at the end. I’m doing better now than I used to — though I think I’ve almost always been helpful to others. I’m better at not being jealous and not comparing myself to others. Oh, I am still competitive but I don’t have to win to be happy.

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