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January 6, 2023

Seems to me if we have Lauren Boebert calling the shots on who will be Speaker of the House, the patient's vital signs aren't looking too good.

As even the WSJ alluded to this week, who would want the job of herding these cats? I fear McCarthy had coveted this job for so long he is giving away the store to get it.

What any reasonable person would do is say, "That's it. You get no more. And shame on you if you think I'm bluffing."

I've got an idea! How about we March up to the Capitol?

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07 gen 2023

For better or worse, the House rule is that someone has to get 50% of votes of members present to become speaker. Certainly McCarthy was poorly prepared in that regard. I suspect he believed his prediction about the "red wave" that never materialized and failed to take into account the few who intensely believe he would make a poor choice.

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