I Have Bone To Pick


February 18, 2020

I had this whole thing wrong for a long time. Wasn’t the purpose of life to work hard so you could have things that make you comfortable? A comfortable house, a comfortable bed, a comfortable chair, and comfortable car. Aren't we most productive when we are comfortable? Damn, I thought “comfortable” was a destination, not a starting point!

I do love this saying and in some ways it is a theme of my walkabout. In my mind, I have slightly edited the saying to “Escape your comfort zone and start living.”

I like the active verb “escape.” Our “comfort zone” traps us, and we need a strong verb to get out of there!

I don’t like the word “edge” because that sounds like the “shallow end“ (versus deep end, of course) to me.

And “living” sounds more active and appealing to me than “life.”

If you have ever had a professional development class that addressed the comfort zone, you have probably seen a graphic like this one:

Or this one:

However, I am partial to this one:

I hope you are finding your own unicorns, magic, rainbows and, well, you know!

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