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I’m Flummoxed

Photo Taken Near Fox, Arkansas

Clarksville, Arkansas

October 19, 2022

Something about this "memorial" has bothered me since yesterday. I think it's two things -- the confederate flag and the words "God's America." The confederate flag seems out of place if we are to understand that the memorial is indicating a yearning for how America was say in 1960.

God's America. I now know that's the name of a heavy metal band. I mean the whole universe is God's making, right? At least in several religions. We ask for his blessing, but I've never thought that America was uniquely chosen by God.

There's a third thing that bothers me -- the implicit resignation. It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and it's not over now. Let's get back to more power to the states and we'll work this mess out.

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