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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

La Grange, Texas

December 15, 2019

My mind is so full. I see so many interesting things each day. I try so hard to remember them all - I do voice recordings, I write myself emails, I take photos (no kidding), I take videos (another no kidding). Still at the end of each day, I feel physically and mentally exhausted from all that I have experienced. That I am certain of.

The number of interesting named towns that I have come across contributes to my full mind. Who the heck named a town Uncertain? I'm pretty sure, but not real sure, no one knows the history. And Ben Wheeler - a town name? And Weeping Mary? Dime Box and its sister town, Old Dime Box? There's a story that Dime Box filled a postal box full of dimes in response to a country-wide request from FDR for the March of Dimes. They were the first town to do so and FDR did a radio broadcast from the town.

I also try to identify trends. Like there are not as many McDonalds in Texas, at least in the small towns, as I have seen in other states. But there are certainly more Mexican restaurants and bar-b-que places. And Texans apparently love donuts, as I have inferred previously. The state must have quite a budget for historical markers. They are everywhere - and there are signs telling you that there is a historical marker in one mile. If I stopped for each one I would average 20 mph - and the speed limit here is 70 or 75 mph depending on the type of road. Speaking of that - there are farm-to-market roads, county roads, state roads, US roads. I've stopped keeping track of the kind of road I am on. I've also noticed that many of the government buildings are built of yellow/tan brick. I'll need to investigate that.

The town squares of the country seats are wonderful. I gather that the economy of Texas is doing well; I have not seen the sites that I saw in the other Southern states. One woman I spoke to yesterday told me she gets $5,000 per month in royalties for the oil that comes out of her five acres. That's a nice supplemental income! The sky is so blue here - I didn't expect that - I thought I wouldn't see this type of sky until Colorado. And the Colorado River flows by La Grange, Texas? Caught me by surprise.

And you don't see this everyday. As I came out of Marshall on Thursday (maybe it was Friday), a police car flew by me. In a couple of miles, I came across him again. He and another police cruiser had the right lane of the road blocked. Hmm, I thought - a car gone off the road? As I passed by, there was a longhorn on the shoulder munching away on some scrub plants. He looked quite happy. :)

Other things I have noticed in Texas. Meat markets; pretty sure that Chopt wouldn't do real well in rural Texas. White cars - likely a pickup truck or an SUV. I'm concluding this fact based on two data points - La Grange and Paris; small town stores are closed on Sunday and Monday.

I hope you'll enjoy this slideshow. I think it will make you laugh in parts. I chose Willie Nelson to provide the six-minute soundtrack. The first song is white soul - it got to me. The second song is a classic as well.

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