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If I Don’t Have Something Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything

Coligny Park

April 28, 2022

I read this article from the WSJ and it pissed me off. Why would Musk do this? It serves no constructive purpose. It made me think of the above proverb. Maybe we should have a day when we all try to live by it. Like EVERYDAY!!

The article (truncated):

Elon Musk Criticizes Twitter Executive, Drawing Employee Backlash

Twitter’s prospective owner used the platform to mock the company’s top legal boss over the company’s alleged political bias

Elon Musk, whose takeover bid for Twitter Inc. was accepted two days ago, continued to use the site to criticize executives there, culminating in a meme Wednesday that mocked the top legal boss’s response to accusations of the company’s political bias. The tweets from Mr. Musk, who has an outsize presence on Twitter, with more than 80 million followers, prompted online attacks toward Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s longtime head of legal, policy and safety. Mr. Musk’s critique escalated despite an agreement as part of the takeover deal not to disparage the company or the people who work there.

On Wednesday, Mr. Musk tweeted an image of Ms. Gadde, overlaid with text that repeated allegations that Twitter has a left-wing political bias. Mr. Musk’s followers and others on Twitter soon retweeted his message more than 20,000 times, and some added racist and sexist messages directed at Ms. Gadde, including that she should be fired and should go back to India.

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1 Comment

Apr 29, 2022

If the article says, "allegations that Twitter has a Left-wing bias" . . . then the article itself has a left-wing bias because it is a fact, not an allegation! That Twitter had a Democrat focus and cut off Conservatives and Republicans is a fact, bot an allegation. That Twitter banned a former President of the United States but still allows the Iranian President, Putin, the frauds and thieves at BLM, and all the rest to stay is proof. That Musk may use humor in pointing to the Naked Emperor . . . what is wrong with that?

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