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If You Are Not In The Crease....

Charlottesville, Virginia

February 18, 2020

Jeff, Tom and I were apartment mates 40 years ago. We had a fourth member of the Crease - Jeff’s dog, Tweed. A big, beautiful, highly intelligent yellow lab. (Ok, two out of three.). Everyone has a Tweed story or five - he brought a lot of joy to many.

These two guys have played such an important role in my life - almost all positive. 🤪. Truthfully, I cannot imagine what my life would have been like without them. I can still remember some of Jeff’s quotes to me - “whatever you do, don’t be yourself” and a recurring “do you have a date to the game yet?” Then there was “do you need plane fare?” and the “ I am drunk can you come pick me up? as a ruse to get me to stop studying and go out drinking. Tom was always my role model for how you balance fun with engineering classes - no one was better at that than Tom.

I am so lucky that our friendship has continued to grow over the past 40 years - Tom and Jeff still make my life richer and more fun.

To finish the saying, it went, “if you are not in the Crease, you are out of bounds.”

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