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Fallon, NV

December 17, 2022

This morning I marched into the toy section at Walmart to snag a few basic boxes of Lego blocks to donate to Toys For Tots. Like the kind I had when I was a kid.

Nothing. And everything.

Two rows of Lego "kits" -- Star Wars and ... well, I didn't recognize the other characters. Starting at what appeared to me to be an FAO Schwatz (I know they are gone) price of $30+.

I spent a good five minutes checking each shelf -- were they hiding the basic building blocks?

Kudos to Lego. In the past 50 years, they have clearly innovated into a I suspect higher margin business -- merging the idea of Lego blocks with model building.

I grabbed several Star Wars-themed Lego boxes and headed off to the register, sorta glad I didn't find the basic blocks I was looking for. I can imagine on Christmas morning an eight year old opening what I had when I was a kid and saying, "What are these?"

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