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Is Happiness The Goal?

Hidden Hills

January 11, 2023

I think when I sit down and reread this blog, I'll realize how much of the early days of my wanderabout I spent in pursuit of happiness. That was an important intermediate step for me on my journey. Without reviewing "my notes," my biggest takeaway from that stage was how many "things" I did (hopefully using the past tense is accurate!) actually left me unhappy, if for no other reason, due to the "hedonic treadmill." I also remember how important it is for my happiness to pursue experiences and not things. Sure it would be great to drive and sleep in a Sprinter van, but Hi Ho Silver has worked great and my experiences have been the same as if I were driving a Sprinter.

I believe my biggest takeaway from my pursuit of happiness is that what I am actually pursuing is well being. For me, happiness can be a component of my well being but at any point in time doesn't have to be as long as I am feeling other aspects of well being (contentment, success, awe, flourishing, etc.)

And while I'm at it, there is an important distinction I make between joy and happiness. For me, joy comes from inside me; happiness is a function of my external environment. What that means to me is that what I really desire is joy; happiness is great but if the two "feelings," joy is more important to me.

I'm not sure this graphic captures everything about well-being but it's a good start:

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18 janv. 2023

The pre-Socratic philosophers were the first to use logic and reason, and their focus was on explaining nature. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle focused on explaining Man and human societies. Since they did such a thorough job, and the Greek economic system largely eliminated poverty, the post-Aristotelian philosophers focused on how one achieves happiness. That's when the Stoics, Epicureans, Cynics... arose.

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