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Jason Riley In The WSJ

Hidden Hills

January 25, 2023

The above is Mister Riley's opening sentence of his opinion piece in today's WSJ. I take issue with his choice of the word "news" as I think it is the evening opinion shows that fit this description better. But that's a minor comment -- his description is very appropriate for many cable shows.

Last night I caught a bit of Hannity snd Ingraham. (I timed out after about ten minutes of each.) They both attacked California in general and Gavin Newsom in particular. Once they finished their rants, they brought on a guest to back up their rants -- how convenient! A guest who affirms the host's views!

I'm not going to defend Gavin Newsom -- perhaps he is awful. But without him or a supporter of his on to defend him, all I was hearing was an echo chamber. My problem with much of Fox and MSNBC is that they are unwilling to entertain multiple perspectives on the news. Their "certitude" in their take on the news is a disservice to their viewers.

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25 gen 2023

Having watched many of those programs on the cable channels, i find Jason Riley a refreshing panelist unlike about 75% of all the others. Calm, measured.

Mi piace

25 gen 2023

which cable or legacy news channels do you think differ in that approach -?

Mi piace
25 gen 2023
Risposta a

I think the BBC does a decent job. I’ve watched a bit of Anderson Cooper recently and CNN has made his program more deep dives which I find useful.

Still I think the WSJ news and Reuters are best sources of news for me.

Mi piace
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