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Morissette has never publicly identified a person as the ex-boyfriend portrayed in the song. In 2008, she said,

Well, I've never talked about who my songs were about and I won't, because when I write them they're written for the sake of personal expression. So with all due respect to whoever may see themselves in my songs, and it happens all the time, I never really comment on it because I write these songs for myself, not other people.[13]

Nonetheless, in comments made on different occasions, actor-comedian Dave Coulier has alternatively admitted to and denied being the subject of the song. In 1997, the Boston Herald reported that Coulier "admitted the lines are very close to home. Especially the one about 'an older version of me' and bugging him [Coulier] 'in the middle of dinner.'" Coulier's former television co-star Bob Saget said in one interview that he was present when Morissette made that call during dinner. In the 2021 documentary Jagged, Morissette denied the song is about Coulier.

Other celebrities have been rumoured to be the lover in the song, including: Mike Peluso, hockey player for the New Jersey Devils; Matt LeBlanc, the actor who appeared in the video for Morissette's single "Walk Away" in 1991; and Leslie Howe, a musician and the producer of Morissette's first two albums in the early 1990s.

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