Keeping The Promise

Boulder, Colorado

December 16, 2020

If you are not aware, Ken has a new book available on Amazon. It is a collection of his blog posts over the past five years. He’s grouped them by themes which adds to the enjoyment of reading the posts again.

The title of the book is haunting me -- in a good way. It is a reference to a promise Ken made to his grandfather (Pawpa) to always try hard. I've spent the past few days pondering what it is about the title that has captured me.

I think part of it may be a reminder that each of us has the potential to influence others' lives (in. a positive way!) by offering words of encouragement. As much as we all think we know how to scale the mountains of life, words of wisdom from someone older and possibly wiser can serve as an important reminder for years -- over 50 in Ken's case. Ken's Pawpa did not need to take the opportunity to ask Ken to try hard in everything he did. But because he did, Ken seems to always have that promise in mind. Potential is standing on the sideline; "keeping the promise" hopefully will remind me to get in and stay in the game of helping others.

Perhaps another part is how a promise doesn't seem to mean what it used to mean. We live in a time when we too easily blame others and instead of stepping up to the plate, many of us don't give a second thought about making excuses for not keeping our promises. So part of what is haunting me is those times I have not kept my promises and the harm that caused. I can't change the past but I can certainly do better about the future.

Writing this post has helped to identify a third reason the title haunts me. Did I always try my hardest? Did I always give that task, that job, that relationship everything I could? The answer to that question hurts. That's not a question that "had bothered me so" until now. The answer is a good reminder for my future.

I guess I am self-reflecting in public again. 🤔. Sorry - as a great friend told me once "Don't spend too much time in your head." (Actually it was a more definitive statement; its accuracy caught me off guard).

So, Ken, I am blaming you for this hour of reflection!


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