Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah To Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Kanab, Utah

November 8, 2020

Today is my day in the Comfort Suites in Kanab to catch up on my posts. This past week I found myself too tired at the end of most days to update my blog. So some of the following posts are going to be out of order.

I made this short drive on Friday (today is Sunday). The weather and the forecast were for clouds, and I was indecisive about where I should head from Kodachrome. I ended up about 10 miles from Kodachrome in the small town of Tropic where I sat for an hour (probably more) trying to make a decision. Finally I decided to hit Bryce in spite of the clouds so I could cross it off my list. I got lucky as you will see - the sun came out and I got the best of both worlds - some sunny and some clouds to give my photos some contrast.

Along the road from Kodachrome Basin to Cannonville

In the the "town" of Cannonville.

Tropic, Utah.

Along the way from Tropic to Bryce.

First scenic area in Bryce off of Route 12.

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