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Laundry Cards


April 1, 2023

Truck stops. Walmart parking lots. Laundromats. What a wonderful gift each has given me over the past three plus years. It's been fascinating to observe -- and be part of -- the community that forms at each.

For example, it's 5 pm at the Hydraulic Wash. There is Latin music blaring (is there any other way Latin music is played?) and there's a food truck serving Central American cuisine. Latin families are loading and unloading what looks like months' of laundry. A very festive atmosphere.

This laundromat snd many others I have used recently require you to purchase a card which you insert into the machines. I'm sure the owner much prefers this approach to rolling hundreds of quarters. PLUS I bet I'm not the only one who loses my card with $10 or more dollars still left on it. Each time I seem to have to get a new card. I know -- this is my problem and the solution depends on me. ☹️

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