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Lewis & Clark

Fairfield Inn ($110)

Huntington, West Virginia

August 24, 2021

The Lewis & Clark expedition was an extraordinary feat. In my travels during the past six weeks, I have seen their names many times - monuments, places they traveled through, place names. Not to minimize their accomplishment, but all they really figured out was that there was no “northwest passage.” They must have had a hood publicist. 🤪

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Aug 28, 2021

They enabled the opening of the west to domination by evil European-descended people. All references to Lewis and Clark should be stricken from history. Any actual descendants of Lewis and Clark and others on the expedition should be enslaved as penance for the sins of their ancestors.

Aug 28, 2021
Replying to

I always thought the Oregon Trail followed Lewis & Clark’s lead. Turns out I was wrong. It was the fellow Stewart who returned to St Louis from Fort Astoria that found the path that in general would become the Oregon Trail.

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