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Libertarian Party VP Candidate

Charlottesville, Virginia

June 23, 2020

Lest anyone think I am closed minded, I researched the Libertarian Party candidates for president and VP.

I couldn’t make up a better candidate than Spike Cohen for vp.

As reported on Wikipedia:

Jeremy "Spike" Cohen (born June 28, 1982) is an American activist, entrepreneur, and podcaster. He is the Libertarian Party's nominee for vice president of the United States in the 2020 election. Cohen was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1982. Cohen's father is Jewish. He was raised as a Messianic Jew and had a Bar Mitzvah. At the age of 16, Cohen began learning web design, and subsequently built a successful business within a few years. In 2016, at the age of 33, Cohen was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. He sold his web design business, and turned his focus to libertarian activism.

Cohen is a podcaster on Muddled Waters Media. He purports to have named himself Spike after the character from the 1986 My Little Pony: The Movie. 2020 vice-presidential campaign

Cohen ran as the proposed running mate of presidential candidate Vermin Supreme in the 2020 Libertarian Presidential primaries, and was actively involved in campaigning. On May 23, 2020, Supreme lost the Libertarian presidential nomination to Jo Jorgensen, but Cohen remained in the race for the party's vice-presidential nomination. Jorgensen showed a preference for John Monds to be her running mate over Cohen and Ken Armstrong, but despite this, after three rounds of voting, Cohen defeated Monds with 533 delegates to Monds' 472.

As the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential nominee, Cohen became the first Jewish Vice-presidential nominee of a political party since Joe Lieberman in 2000.

Political positions

Cohen asserts that his and Jorgensen's platform is "derived from" the Libertarian Party platform. This includes reducing the national debt by reducing the size of government, extensive criminal justice reform and the immediate release of those incarcerated for victimless crimes, demilitarization of the police and the creation of police accountability programs.

Cohen, an ally of performance artist and perennial candidate Vermin Supreme, ran on a platform promoting Free Ponies, Mandatory Tooth Brushing, Zombie Power, Killing Baby Hitler, Killing Baby Woodrow Wilson, and promoting anarchy. Cohen promised that should these not be achieved within the first 100 days of his vice presidency, he will resign and be replaced with Baby Yoda.

After officially receiving the Libertarian vice-presidential nomination, Cohen acknowledged that "The cheesy bread and the Waffle House — that's all fun satire to bring people in. Then you hit them with the actual message. The actual Libertarian message of self ownership and non-aggression and voluntary solutions and property rights, and so forth.”

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24. Juni 2020

I joined you in admiration of Mr. Cohen . . . until I saw that he was a supporter and fan of Vermin Supreme (and you want me to think that man is a serious person?) and his platform.....

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