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Made A New Friend

Point Mugu State Park, California

February 22, 2021

Here I am on Blue— which I assumed was a gelding but is really a mare. In one week I rode three horses - Jackson, Marge and Blue. They each deserve extra carrots for putting up with me. I had ridden a horse once before in my life. The three rides were an awful lot of fun.

That was possible because I was in the capable hands of Janet who “ponied” my horse on our rides. I somewhat mastered “whoa” and made inroads on “easy” and using my heels to expedite the walk.

Janet is a horsewoman extraordinaire and works with Ken and his horses. She exudes expertise with, as she might say, a Jewish mother’s perspective.

I had a great time talking with Janet. She’s achieved a peace that I am striving for. Lots of laughs as she told me of growing up in a musical family. In fact, her brother was Randy California. I encourage you to read about him.

She grew up with a number of great blues men (people) passing through her home playing the blues.

Thanks, Janet. I look forward to returning and continuing our conversation. Have fun in Finland!

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