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Mail-In Voting

Charlottesville, Virginia

August 5, 2020

I’m not really sure how this got to be a partisan issue. Seems that voter fraud would be a bipartisan matter as would encouraging people to vote.

As I’ve made clear before, we should making voting as accessible as we can. I was for additional mail-in voting this coming election, but I’ve changed my mind. We need to remove any new barriers to a protested election. I’m convinced that those opposing mail-in voting (which we all know is standard practice in Colorado, Oregon and Washington) cannot be convinced that additional mail-in voting will work this November. Therefore, I support no new mail-in initiatives. If your state allows absentee voting or early voting as Virginia does, one one of them if it makes you feel safer. If your state is short of poll workers, sign up to become one. Encourage everyone you know to vote!

Meanwhile, enjoy John Oliver’s tutorial on mail-in voting.

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