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March 1, 2023 Morning Report

Love's Truck Stop

Troy, Texas

March 1, 2023

Yesterday I drove through Austin -- what a sprawling city! From the suburbs of the south through the suburbs of the north, I guess that distance is 60 miles? I did not find it appealing. That's just me. I believe I could be an urban dweller, meaning living in the heart of a big city. Perhaps the sprawl reminds me too much of Northern Virginia and the years I spent driving in traffic.

I visited Ding Dong which looks as it did three plus years ago -- except that the Ding Dong fire station sign is no longer hanging -- hopefully not stolen.

A bit tired this morning -- I admire truck drivers ability to drive day after day.

The goal for today is to visit Uncertain, Texas and then start toward Whynot, Mississippi. Arrive in Charlottesville next Wednesday.

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