Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas

New Year’s Day 2020

No one told me.

I’m cruising along at 70 mph on US 67 this afternoon having left Big Bend and had lunch in Presidio, Texas. Came to this small town, Marfa, and Google Maps is telling me to turn left to keep going to my destination of Guadeloupe National Park. But I see this building in front of me.

I park the truck and get out to check out this place.

Turns our I have “tumbled in” to a up and coming artsy town. As opposed to an empty town square, this place is hopping.

And just outside of town I found a RV/camping park called the Tumble In.

I am sure that my niece, Devon, and her husband (nephew-in-law) must have heard of Marfa.

So another audible called on my walkabout. Hopefully I get some sun and warmth tomorrow so I can get some good photography in.

Guadeloupe will just have to wait.


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