Marfa to Guadalupe National Park

Guadalupe National Park

January 3, 2020

Today’s accomplishment was making the 120 mile drive from Marfa to Guadalupe National Park. Thanks goes to the wonderful family from Kentucky who suggested I come here.

Another drive through spectacular scenery. The 120 miles took me four hours as I stopped quite often to take photos. I broke out my 14 mm lens to get some wide angle shots - if they turn out I will post them later.

The only thing between Marfa and here is the small town of Van Horn. The town has more hotels and RV sites than a town five times its size would have. It is located on The 10 which probably explains it. US 90 and Texas FM 157 were probably the straightest roads I have ever driven a and almost as flat until I got close to Guadalupe. The highways pass through high desert mixed in with some pasture land. The desert is surrounded on both sides by mountains - given the sunny skies today, there was the opportunity to get some great photographs.

When I got here I was surprised that the tent campground is full (it’s windy and chilly); so I’m parked with the RVs. - $15 a night.

Limited cell service here so I’m only posting a handful of photos. More tomorrow after my hike(s).

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