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Marquette, Michigan To Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Fairfield Inn

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

June 2, 2022

It was a long drive yesterday. Once I left Marquette, I didn't see much but trees until I got to Antigo, Wisconsin-- about an hour from Stevens Point. There was some farmland, but I only saw a few cows -- isn't Wisconsin the Dairyland State? I was tempted to pull into one of the many campground that I saw -- including some in a National Forest -- but kept my head down and made it to my goal of Stevens Point.

In Antigo, I saw a Little League game being played and a youngsters with his baseball backpack riding his bike -- I assume to baseball practice. A sign of summer.

Some other highlights:

I wandered around the community of Fence, Wisconsin. There is a general store there of course called the Fence Post. The post office was already closed -- no postmark.

The weather in Marquette in the morning was SPECTACULAR as you'll see from the photos from my weather app below. Not sure it is worth the long winters for those kinds of days (the day before was 90 degrees so it can get hot) but for me it was wonderful.

Buddy had a joint go out. So I performed an operation on the hood of Hi Hi Silver and installed a yardstick on his back. He's much better now.

There are an awful lot of Trump banners in northern Wisconsin. One I had not seen -- "Do you miss me yet?"

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