May 14, 2021 Wanderings

Vacaville Courtyard By Marriott

May 14, 2021 evening

I had two simple goals today -- visit the Eiffel Tower at the Napa Courthouse and find a place to sleep tonight. Success on both counts! If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that I have stayed in hotels this week. That is a function of both it is hard to find campgrounds near large metroplexes and I'm easing my way back into being on the road.

As you probably already know, Napa is a lovely city. Larger than I expected but the downtown area is charming. I'm not much of a wine drinker so it is a bit like someone who doesn't know about baseball visiting Cooperstown.

I spent a while wandering around the downtown area -- even visited the Ace Hardware and scored bolts and nuts to repair my lounge chair.

Here are my photos:

The Napa "Eiffel Tower." In quotation marks because I sense the dimensions are a bit off.

How about this! Across the street from the Courthouse and the Eiffel Tower.

Cool mural outside a beer establishment. In Napa. 🤪

Jewelry store.


Salmon for dinner!

I was surprised to see a vineyard on my way to Vacaville. Not!

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