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Study (pronounced STEW-dee) Butte, Texas

December 28, 2019

Yesterday morning I caught another sunrise. These sunrise are all I need to jump out of my sleeping bag at O dark thirty when it is 40 degrees. We don’t get these types on the East Coast.

Later in the day, I took the plunge and drove across Rhode Island, I mean Big Bend and took the row boat across the Rio Grande to Mexico. The Rio Grande at this location is maybe 50 feet wide. Men row row boats back and forth ferrying tourists. I'm glad there is not a bridge; the ride costs $5 roundtrip, and it provides an income for these gentlemen.

Stepping into Mexico, you know you've crossed more than 50 feet. A very poor community awaits you. The folks hawk their wares, and the kids sell you bracelets. I ran out of $1 bills. Anyone want a bracelet? Met a nice couple from Knoxville - Dan and Susan. Shared lunch at a true Mexican restaurant. Figured out you don't eat the corn husk on the outside. 😳

I continued my adventure by hiking the Hot Springs trail. You need a four-wheel drive to get to the trailhead and the Sequoia came through like a champ. The hike is wonderful and takes you above the Rio Grande for some wonderful views. I came across a family who saw me wearing my UVa lanyard. I though momentarily they were Duke or Carolina people. It’s all good though - Go Blue, beat ‘Bama. 😀

While it was overcast most of the day, Nature came through again with another amazing sunset. I was almost up to the challenge. I positioned myself where I thought I had the best chance at getting some great photos. I did get some good ones (I hope you will agree), but as I packed up my camera gear, I realized that that the show was still going on as the sky turned red and stayed that way for 40 minutes after sunset. Unfortunately, mountains prevented me from getting a good angle for photos. I had to keep reminding myself last night - "wherever you go, there you are." I had picked what I thought was the best place to watch the sunset; I could not have imagined that in a different place, 25 mies away might have been better. Slipped into my old self for a bit; then I laughed. 😂

Since I started taking "sunset" photos around 5 o'clock, well, you know what tune provides the soundtrack (followed by ZBB's "Toes.")

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