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Miranda, California To Ferndale, California Via Avenue Of The Giants

Ferndale, California

June 6, 2021

I’m going to start off with where I ended up today. I am camping at the Ferndale Fairgrounds for $15. The camp hosts are awesome. They’ve camp hosted all over the country. I asked them where is their favorite place — two answers. Cashiers, North Carolina and Monterey, California. (I think both places involve a lottery win). Those are two special places.

This morning I headed out from Miranda to continue driving on the Avenue of the Giants. Hopefully my photos and videos are impressive because the drive certainly was! In many cases, the base of the redwoods is right up against the road - I guess they know/assume that their girth at the base won’t change?

Part of the drive goes through Humboldt State Park which I believe is the largest state park in the state by area. All the campgrounds had their “full” signs out. That’s impressive given it is a Sunday.

My goal today was to get to Eureka (the limit as Lucian approaches Eureka) but I did not get there. I looked for a campground in Fortuna — that’s not a name I would pick for a town. With that in mind, I continued on US 101 to the Ferndale exit. I recalled that Jack, the owner of the Shelter Cove Campground had said that Ferndale is a neat town. I drove through it and it’s got a lot of charm. I’ll make that a separate post.

A huge RV just pulled up towing a minivan. The door opened and FIVE kids rolled out. Wow. Those parents are brave. The kids all appear to be under 10 years old.

Hare to get my head around this area (which I include in the Lost Coast). Rural for sure. It is flat where I am now — lots of farms. Not poor but certainly closer to that end of the spectrum. I’d guess this is Trumpland though I have seen no political signs. That’s probably consistent with how folks here seem to feel — they love their remoteness.

When was the last time you saw one of these?

A few more photos of Miranda Gardens Cottages.

Love the humor!

Now, onto the Avenue of the Giants. A couple of videos to start with: I'll note that these photos and videos are slightly out of order -- but I doubt you will notice that much. 🤪🤔

I saved my $10 this time.

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