Monterey, California To Santa Cruz, California (And Back)

Monterey, California

Pi Day, 2021

Today is an off day. I can't seem to get going. I realize now that we all have these kinds of day so I am not doing my long-standing practice of beating myself up. More than you cared to know, right?

It is overcast and cool today. Not exactly beach weather. So I jumped on the PCH and drove to Santa Cruz. Not the prettiest part of the PCH -- agricultural and for the most part and you don't see the bay from the highway. As I drove along trying to stay out of my own head, I thought about all the people in their cars -- how each person has a different life story and has a different set of thoughts careening around in their mind (should that be plural?). One of the most important (to me) things that I have learned during my walkabout is that I want to know more about others. "Tell me about yourself" is what I want to ask. I want to slow down, listen and understand. Why? Because I think it would be interesting, and I would learn a lot. More than just Covid has held me back; my shyness is an obstacle.

Whoa. When I sat down to write this post, I did not have the above paragraph in mind.

When I arrived in Santa Cruz, I realized I had not thought through that it isa beach town and would be busy on a Sunday afternoon. Too many people walking around --I did not feel comfortable getting out for a walk. I did see the boardwalk area and drove around a bit of downtown before heading back to Monterey.

I scored a $75 (including tax) Comfort Inn room for the night. Not bad given the location just off the Monterey Peninsula. Closer than my campsite was and that cost me $40 per night. It has been a week since a shower and a shave; I am both going to feel better and look better tomorrow morning.

I did take a couple of photos in Santa Cruz. You can see what a gray day it is.

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