Monterey Southbound On The PCH

Monterey, California

March 13, 2021

Yesterday I drove the PCH from Monterey south as far as I could. I didn’t keep track of the mileage but I am guessing 50 to 60 miles. As advertised, it was beautiful. More dramatic drop offs than on the part south of Lucia.

Some of the photos are of Bixby Bridge. Its namesake is Bill Bixby of “My Favorite Martian” and “the Incredible Hulk” fame. Kidding It‘s not.

They were shooting what I am guessing was a Mercedes convertible commercial near and on the bridge. Lots of people and trucks. They had one Mercedes outfitted with a camera setup on the front driver’s side. They had a SUV outfitted with what I can only describe as a boom with a camera on the end of it. I was a bit surprised that there were at least six highway patrol cars involved in stopping and directing traffic I was held up for at least twenty minutes.

Some of the photos are out of order. The disadvantage of using three cameras and uploading all the photos at once. The sequence is not all that important.

Note the photos of the town of Big Sur — the town should not be confused with region called Big Sur Big Sur is in Big Sur.

I should also note that I found this part of the PCH to be more developed. I’m not saying developed as in “developed.” I am saying there were a few more houses and commercial establishments. I imagine a house on these cliffs is nearly priceless - and uninsurable.

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