Mother Nature Wins

Study Habit, Texas

Christmas Night 2019

After an overcast afternoon, I was not expecting much of a sunset. I was so wrong. Mother Nature decided to use a sliver of open sky on the horizon to put on a show of pinks, oranges, reds, purples and yellows reflecting the sunlight off of the clouds. I thought the sunsets at Acadia were big - child’s play.. Tonight’s sunset covered 270 degrees. All I could do was sit and watch the 40 minute show. There was no way I could adequately capture the beauty.

Here are some of my feeble attempts:

Looks like a piece of rare prime rib - this rock was 180 degrees from the sun.

This neon pink sky was 100 degrees from the sun. I was too far away to capture the beauty of this sky.

Ho hum, just your classic shot at the setting sun.

I took this photo after I had said no mas. This is 30 minutes after sunset. Imagine the colors richer by 25x and that is what the sky looked like. This sky was at a 45 degree angle to where the sun set.

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