Moving Day

Catalina State Park, Arizona

February 38, 2020

Yesterday was my last day before moving on toward White Sands, New Mexico. Now some folks use “towards” instead of “toward” and my grammar bible says they are both ok. But I prefer to conserve my s’s for other times.

This is a wonderful state park. What stands out most to me is the cleanliness of the showers. After some of the showers I have seen on this trip, I really appreciate clean facilities. 😁 It is also a great location - near civilization but you still feel like you are out in the boonies.

Thanks to older and wiser fratty brother Chuck Nesbit for telling me about this place. 🤙

No grand adventures today. Rode my bike through the park and did a couple of short hikes. Here are a few of my photos from those outings.

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