My Distorted View Of The United States

Somewhere in Illinois

March 25, 2020

Here’s my route from yesterday.

I thought I -70 in Colorado was a beautiful road. I-70 in Kansas was not as pretty but still a nice drive. In both cases I was struck by the distance between exits. Once in got into Missouri, I felt like I was driving a more typical, older four lane East Coast interstate. A thin grassy median, lots of billboards and lots of businesses and houses along the road (you don’t see that in Colorado or Kansas).

Colorado and Kansas had lots of wind turbines. I was surprised to see oil derricks - not many but enough that I noticed them.

I made it to St Louis last night. I hopped on what I guess is the beginning on I-64 and am continuing on it today. I’m now in Illinois which has confused me greatly - I did not realize it was on my way! Not much in this part of the state - not a pretty drive on this overcast day. My takeaway - trees, water and not many exits.

sorry for the boring post. Like Marvin Gaye, I have a one-track mind and it is focused on getting to Charlottesville.

I hope you are safe and well.

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