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My Favorites - Charlottesville To Atlanta

Courtney and Julie's dog, Clarke, baring his tooth. 🤪. This photo is not from my trip but it's a funny one!

Charlottesville, Virginia

May 12, 2020

I started going back through my photos from my walkabout to date. Wow. I've done some traveling! One theme you can't help but conclude from the first few weeks of my trip is that the weather was overcast most of the time. Seeing some of my photos reminded me of how cold and wet I was many nights.

Sorting through the photos was a fun way to kill couple of hours of sheltering in place. I've selected a handful as my "favorites." That doesn't mean that they are great photographs but that they made me smile the most. I hope they make you smile, too.

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1 Comment
May 13, 2020

Fun highlight reel :)

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