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Tucson, Arizona

February 27, 2020

Wix, my website host, has a great mobile app that allows me to write most of my blog posts on my iPhone. For longer posts and those that include a slideshow or a video, I have to use my laptop. Given that I have been mostly in cold weather so far, I have needed to find places to fire up the computer. My favorites so far are libraries, Whole Foods, Starbucks and MacD's. The libraries are by far the best as they are quiet and they give me a feel for the community that I am visiting. Whole Foods, which has free Wifi, provides me the opportunity to grab a healthy meal at the same time (see photo above). I am bit surprised that its breakfast buffet isn't healthier (no egg whites, no chicken sausage) but other than the tots and the bacon, I'm having a healthy breakfast this morning. 🤣 I can also grab some groceries (turkey, grapes, string cheese, Naked drinks). Starbucks is by far the most comfortable with those great chairs. MacD's is a good place, too, also with free Wifi and - surprise - I can get .breakfast of of egg whites and oatmeal for under $4.00. And it offers a great opportunity to talk with the local folks, especially the older ones who use MacD's as their affordable Starbucks.

As you might expect, given where I am traveling, I haven't come across many Starbucks or Whole Foods. It feels like such a treat when I do come across either one!

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