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Somewhere on US 60 West in New Mexico at a Phillips 66 Truckstop

March 14, 2020

Some of you have wondered how I sleep in my truck. Pretty well actually thanks to my friend Tim Pleasants who built my platform for me. My orange blanket is at the foot of my bed and the green "thing" is my sleeping bag. The bag is on top of a camp pad as well as a piece of foam mattress topper. I get into bed by climbing in the passenger door head first, removing my shoes and socks, and then doing a yoga-type move to flip around so my head ends up by the door. Then I pull the door closed, and I am in for the night, ready to listen to a podcast or an audiobook. The 18" wide platform is perfect - I am able to rotate sides with no problem.

I have a small battery powered lantern for light and a pair of slippers in case I need to slip out during the night. I am plenty comfortable down to about 25 degrees; below that I pull on a stocking cap to stay warm. When it is that cold, it is a bit of a surprise to wake up with ice on the inside of the windows In the morning. 🤪

You can see the small fan I have above the bed. I really do miss my big box fan for white noise, but this little guy moves some air around on warmer nights. It plugs into the battery pack in the photo.

Time for bed!

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