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My Visit To Cannery Row

Cannery Row

Monterey, California

March 26, 2021

Although commercial, Cannery Row is nicely done. Not quite a tourist trap. But I doubt locals frequent the area.

Doc’s office (from Cannery Row).

The store in Cannery Row.

The store (left) and brothel (right) from Cannery Row.

Bust of the real life Doc who was hit by a train and killed at this spot.

What can I say. Commercialism and sameness but I thought the bench statue was a nice touch - even though I don’t think Forrest ever came to Cannery Row. Am I mistaken?

Interesting historical markers. The buildings at the bottom right are examples of where the migrants lived who worked in the sardine canneries. In case you missed it, Monterey was the sardine capital of the world in the 40s and 50s. There is a restaurant on Cannery Row that specializes in sardines.

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