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National Academy of Science Report On Climate Change


April 26, 2021

Obviously I am on a bit of a mission here on the subject of climate change. I have grown weary of getting my information on this topic through a filter of magazines and newspapers that tend to sensationalize the information — both in support and in denial.

While this report from the National Academy of Science should be considered a “secondary” source, I concluded it might be a good summary and likely an unbiased source.

I Have not read the report yet but looking forward to doing so this week.

You can get your own copy at

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26 apr. 2021

like many issues in the community today there are more than two positions on the subject. most of the discussion that is published (print and media) don't want to discuss other possible position(s) a sane person can take. man is solely responsible or you are a "denialist". not a productive way to rationally try and resolve the issue. that turns a very complicated subject, still with incomplete science imo about ALL the current causes behind the changes, into another of the my way or the highway arguments the country is having on a variety of topics. so we will continue to swing from one end of the pendulum to the other which is unfortunate.

26 apr. 2021
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