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Guerneville Public Library Parking Lot They have free WiFi!)

May 30, 2021

The other day I stopped at a surf shop in Monte Rio on my way back to Ocean Cove from Guerneville. The owner commented on my stickers, and we had a brief conversation before he answered the phone. As he was on the phone, I looked around the store and then waved to him as I exited the store. Before I pulled away he came out and gave me a sticker from his store. I put it on my rooftop carrier as he watched so he could see I much appreciated the gift.

I picked up a bottle of Jack this morning and drove to his store to give it to him as a thank you. He remembered me which was nice. I offered him the bottle, but he said he doesn’t drink. Dang! I convinced him to keep it to gift to someone else. As I turned to leave, he gave me a great t shirt with his shop’s logo on it.

That’s the second time I have given Jack as a thank you to a non-drinker. Might be time to figure out another go to thank you??

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1 Comment
Jun 05, 2021

It’s the thought that counts? 😂

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