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Now I Have A Map Of Targets -- Well Almost

Eugene, Oregon

July 6, 2021

God bless Google Maps. You can create a map of places you want to go; by clicking on the dot it takes you to the information that Google has on that place. That feature just saved me hours of cutting and pasting.

Here's a link to my map in case you are insane and are interested in the Paris' (and their offshoots) that I plan on visiting.

A word on the "offshoots." For example, some states divide their counties into "townships." Some states (Ohio) have multiple Paris townships. I'm not sure what I am getting into there; I suspect there is not a sign saying "Paris Township." I suspect Buddy and I will come up with something. Another example of an offshoot is in Wisconsin. There are two towns called Paris and in one of those towns there is a community called Paris. That counts as three Paris'. Then there are three New Paris'. "No Paris missed" is my motto

You might look at the map and say "Dummy, you missed one in California." Actually, I will hit that one when I come back to the West Coast and drive the eastern side of the Left Coast states. Hopefully next year.

My plan today is to hit several of the Paris' on the way back east in August, Idaho and the Dakotas seem like likely candidates. This fall I will knock out the remaining ones in the Northeast. Next year will be the middle of the country. Georgia and South Carolina fit in there somewhere. Plus this map does not yet include the Paris' that Chuck uncovered in North Carolina.

Punchline -- this is an interim work product. If you see anything that looks wrong or that I missed, please let me know.

Anchors up! And jump right in!

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