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La Quinta

Ely, Nevada

December 12, 2022

I'm taking a mental health day today to give myself a break from experiencing so much. I've realized that day after day of being blown away by what I see and experience has left me depleted. I did not realize this was possible, but at least for me it is.

I'm hoping that tomorrow or the day after will be prime sailing along US 50 to Fallon. To actually drive US 50 all the way across Nevada I would have to go to Reno. But I've been to Reno many times and I am inclined to visit again. So I'll turn south from Reno toward Owens Valley and Death Valley. If my information is correct, Owens Valley was once a prosperous farming area -- until the early 1900s when LA bought up all the water rights and shipped the water to the city. Death Valley is alluring because, well, it's Death Valley and has the lowest golf course in the country at some number of feet below sea level.

I'm hoping that since those places are east of the Sierras that snow will not be an issue.

It looks like snow and ice will be an issue at Kings and Sequoia National Parks. Bummer.

Lorraine is my final Paris in the United States that I know of at this time. Number 62.

I'm guessing I'll be in Lorraine by this weekend. But I would not bet on that.

I can't wait to find a place to have a healthy meal.

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