Où Est Paris, Louisiana?

Livingston Parish, LA

November 25, 2019

Louisiana is named after a French king. New Orleans has the French Quarter. The state Capitol is Baton Rouge. There are cities and towns with names such as Lafayette, Beaux Bridge, Chataignier, Beauregard, French Settlement, Grand Cotray, Grosse Tete, Lecompte, Napoleonville, Provençal, Montpelier, Met Rouge, and Lasalle.

There is no Paris, Louisiana. ☹️

But there are parishes (not counties). Louisiana is the only state with parishes; the term dates back to French times.

There are interesting names of cities and towns - such as Oil City, Waterproof, Clarence, White Castle, Sun, Sunset, Saline, Quitman, Many, Lucky, Downsville, and Bunkie. Not French, but they are funny! 😂

I know I've posted a lot of sunset photos. Last night's sunset lasted 55 minutes. For the first 21 minutes, I limited myself to one photo every three minutes. But then I lost all control but hopefully you will understand why. I've added a few photos of live oaks with Spanish moss to this slideshow. The music is by Tim McGraw and Sammy Kershaw, both Louisiana boys. In honor of Grosse Tete, LA I almost went with Big Head Todd and the Monsters, but they are from Colorado so they will need to wait their turn.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you are enjoying my blog. :)

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