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October 30th Wandering

Marysville, Kansas

November 1, 2022

My goal today was to get to Tipton, Kansas and play their nine-hole sand green golf course. But visits to Preston, Stafford and Ellinwood got in the way. That being the case, I had to call an audible and head at least part of the way to Marysville, the home of the Koester House Museum. I spent the night in Salina at the Pilot Travel Center -- a "well-used" travel center as in not as nice as many.

Kansas' highways tend to be quite straight. I may have said this earlier, but there seems to be a noticeable distance between communities. Anthony and Kingman were unusual in their "upkeep." What I saw on this drive were more struggling communities. One thing that stands out is almost every community has a grain elevator -- Arkansas has lots of churches, Kansas has lots of grain elevators.

Cairo seems to be an unlucky town name.

The road to Preston:

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