“Oh Atlanta, I hear you call in’”

I spent a wonderful weekend in Atlanta with Lucian and Alissa. Certainly the liveliest days of my trip so far! And how incredibly thoughtful of them to break out their Going To Paris t shirts for breakfast on Sunday at the White House restaurant in Buckhead. (Salmon omelette is awesome.)

Lucian is an awesome young man. He such an energetic and considerate soul. And AlIssa is fantastic - very warm and joyful. Although see follows some team called the Dawgs - they are not in the ACC so I don’t know much about them. TRLT. 😎

They were very kind and helped me rationalize the contents of the Sequoia. I feel better that I am not dragging so much stuff around.

Atlanta is a hopping place. We watched the first half of the LSU -Bama game at a watering hole on the Beltline. It was like a tailgate but with no live football game close by.

It was hard to leave Atlanta but made my way to Wind Creek State Park in Alabama on Sunday afternoon. Thought it was pretty ironic to loose an hour when I crossed into Alabama. 🤪. The campground is relatively full although only two of the sites have tents on them. Once again, I’m in the middle of RV Nation. There was a beautiful sunset and moonrise.

Colder Weather (🤪) is moving in for tonight. Rain and high temperatures in the low 40s tomorrow. Thinking of heading further south today.

Oh, I hope that you recognize the title of this post - Little Feat.

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