Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas

December 10, 2019

A cold North Texas day today - forecast was for snow, but it never showed up. By late afternoon the sun was out - it was still cold but the light was great for photos. I headed over to the Eiffel Tower and I hope you'll agree that I got some good photos.

As you'll see from the slideshow, Paris is rich in history. The downtown area has fallen into some disrepair but there are signs that it might recover.

Delbert McClinton provides the soundtrack for this six-minute slideshow. I hope you enjoy it. Note that the photos from the graveyard are of “Jesus in cowboy boots.” The Evergreen Cemetery has over 40,000 tombstones. Of course it does - this is Texas. And the football stadium is at Paris High School. Yes, Texas.


Welcome to my webpage.  I'm on a journey across the USA to visit all 22 Paris' - and points in between.  I'll be sharing thoughts, photos and videos along the way - as I search for answers to questions that bother me so.


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