Privilege, Luck


July 1, 2021

I didn’t pick the family to be born into. But so much of my life has been influenced by that. I didn’t pick my physical and mental capabilities — genes did that for me. I had no influence over the fact that I have two sisters and their husbands who have always been there for me. How different would my life be if I did not attend UVa but had instead gone to a community college — or not gone to college?

I am dancing around the hot button term of white privilege. I’m not trying to spin up anyone.

I saw homeless people in Bend yesterday. Sleeping on the sidewalk and a tent community off an exit of US 97 — on a dirt area between formed by the exit ramp. My first reaction was shock - in this affluent community on a very hot day?

I do feel lucky. Through the luck of the draw, I was born with a 99.9999 percent chance of not becoming homeless. I have had an incredible support system of family and friends throughout my life. I have had role models all along the way.

Others aren’t so lucky.

I am wrestling with what responsibilities does that mean I have. How can I help?

(BTW, the barn photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post.)

I give myself a C for my effectiveness in conveying my thoughts here. Maybe I will try again later.

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