Purcellville To Charlottesville Via US 340

The Depressing Courtyard By Marriott On 29 North

September 15, 2020

Last week while I was in Charlottesville I had my Sequoia's a/c serviced - it wasn't blowing cold air. It worked like a charm on the way back to Pville - and then it did not. Being a tad bit stubborn, I am back in Charlottesville to have the shop repair it right this time. Errrrr.

I followed Tom's advice and took a different route today. It added an hour to the trip (actually more due to stops for photos) but it was well worth it. Basically I came down the valley -- there must be a name for it but I can't find it. The major "blue highway" I took was US 340.

According to Wikipedia, US 340 is a spur route of US 40, and runs from Greenville, Virginia to Frederick, Maryland. In Virginia, it runs north–south, parallel and east of US 11, from US 11 north of Greenville via Waynesboro, Grottoes, Elkton, Luray, Front Royal, and Berryville to theWest Virginia state line. A short separate piece crosses northern Loudoun County on its way from West Virginia to Maryland.

There were lots of fun photo opportunities.

Unfortunately this vineyard in Delaplane is only open on the weekend.

Gotta love their label:

I found The Long (and) Winding Road as I came into Front Royal. 🤔

Overall, Virginia. There has got to be a good story behind the name. Haven't found it yet though.

Overall is at the junction of Overall Run Road and the Stonewall Jackson Highway (US 340). At least for now. 😎

Overall, there is not much to Overall -- seems that everyone has their mailbox/newspaper in one place. How remote is Overall? There was no cell service.

The next town down the road is Rileyville. I thought I had seen the smallest post office when I was in Texas, but this one is smaller. There wasn't room to socially distance inside.

The first big town I came to after Front Royal was Luray (Lou-RAY). Nice little town with a well-kept downtown area.

I knew I was in the country by the number of cars and trucks I saw in people's driveways with the hoods up -- in some cases with guys fiddling with the engine. Something you tend not to see in the suburbs. No photos of that though.

The sky was gray today. Turns out it is smoke from the West Coast. This barn was a beautiful color - someone clearly loves it.

This is the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. There were quite a few places to rent canoes and kayaks, especially in Luray. The water was crystal clear.

After driving through a rural part of Virginia, I knew I was close to Charlottesville when I saw this pickup truck.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to explore along the blue highways. Must be time.

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