Quartzsite, Arizona To The Salton Sea, California

Corvina Beach, California

February 8, 2021

Quite a day. I got to California, changed my clocks, saw what I did not miss in Blythe, wondered why gas was now $1 per gallon more expensive, drove into Imperial County, had flashbacks about managing geothermal power plants there, saw desert, saw hugr sand dunes and modern "dune buggies", saw incredibly green farmland, saw the haze produced by farming, smelled feed lots with cattle, visited a place called Slab City (thanks Chuck!), visited a place called Bombay Beach where some people still live for some reason, saw the Salton Sea, saw how much the sea has receded from its original level, smelled the Salton Sea, found a campsite for the night for $8, and watched a wonderful sunset. All between 9 am PST and 6 pm PST. I even walked almost 8,000 steps. Oh, did some yoga.

It is 645 pm and I could really use a Dr. Pepper. But I am miles from civilization and my rational self is telling me that this is good, I really don't need a Dr. Pepper. Wouldn't water be just as good? Clearly my intuitive self has never communicated to my rational self about the 23 flavors. Water it is, however, with some red seedless grapes.

Sunset was at 520 PM. Early sunsets mean early to bed. Sleeping the truck tonight. Low forecast to be 46 degrees. Nice.

Tomorrow I will try and post information about the Salton Sea and Slab City. Both are unusual, if not weird.

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