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Quite A Day

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Glen Elder State Park, Kansas

November 2, 2022

Today was quite the day. I visited Cuba and the geographic center of the Lower 48; I played golf on a sand green golf course; and I saw the world's largest ball of twine.

I couldn't ask for anymore so I pulled into this state park, put my $18 in the envelope (then in the slot) and called it a day -- well, after I saw this sunset.

Wind is blowing at a constant 20+ mph. Crazy. Shaking Hi Ho Silver.

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Nov 03, 2022

Is it very difficult to putt on sand greens?

Nov 03, 2022
Replying to

Tom. I’m going to post a movie I am making of the videos I shot. There are “tools” by each “green;” one tool you use to smooth the dirt for your putt and one tool is a rake to level out the dirt for the next golfers. I had two putts (the others were gimmes after I chipped on) and I made both — you gotta whack the ball but it rolls. It was very cool. Certainly better than the option of not playing golf!

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