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Random Thoughts On North Dakota

Jamestown, North Dakota

August 10, 2021

430 pm

I have never seen so much corn and beans.

In Montana the speed limit is 80 mph; in North Dakota it’s 75 mph. Why the difference?

Apparently approximately 800,000 people live in North Dakota. That must be wrong. They must mean how many people have lived here since it became a state. I think I have seen 10 people today. Maybe.

If North Dakota were a company, Montana or another bordering state would mount a takeover bid.

Which makes me wonder why aren’t Montana, North and South Dakota and Wyoming one big state. Throw in Idaho.

The Democrats don’t need to repeal the filibuster — they just need a few red states to combine into Farmland or maybe Redland. I gotta believe the states I listed above all are very similar - casinos, guns, agriculture, no helmets, keep DC out of our lives. Of course I am joking. i do imagine most of the residents of those states worry about the same issues.

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