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Relentless Optimism

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

On My Way There

September 6, 2020

My friend Brian wrote a beautiful tribute to his wife Sharon who passed away from pancreatic cancer a few days ago. She was only 48 years old. I worked with them both at DOE.

He spoke of the joy she took in life, how encouraging she was of others and how self deprecating she was. He used a couple of words to describe her that captured perfectly who she was - “relentlessly optimistic.”

I love those two words together. Optimism is a wonderful outlook - but to be relentless about it takes optimism to to whole new level. It’s damn the torpedos, full speed ahead expecting that good things will happen. Not just expecting, but knowing good things will happen.

Optimism and I are still getting acquainted. Old habits are hard to break. My old way of thinking is fraying, some days more than others. Now I have a “reach” goal - not just to be optimistic but to be relentless optimistic. I’m optimistic about achieving that goal. 😁

RIP, Sharon. You gave all who knew you a great gift.

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